Boy Underwater

Boy Underwater

Adam Baron

Pub date
B Format 129x198mm
256 pages

Book Overview

Cymbeline Igloo has never been swimming – not ever, not once – so challenging the class bully to a race during their first school swimming lesson was never going to go down well.

When Cymbeline nearly drowns, his mother has a nervous breakdown and ends up in hospital. Why? Why has she never taken him anywhere near water?

Cymbeline follows a series of clues to find the answer, helped by an eclectic bunch of friends. What he finally discovers is as shocking as it is unexpected, and it turns Cymbeline’s life on its head.

Adam Baron is Nick Hornby for 9-year-olds. A distinctive new talent with direct child appeal. As humorous as it is emotional.

About the author

Adam Baron is the author of five successful novels and has, in his time, been an actor, comedian, journalist and press officer at Channel 4 television (as well as things he’s too embarrassed to mention). He now runs the widely respected MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University London. Adam lives in Greenwich, South London, with his wife and three young children. He wrote Boy Underwater (his first novel aimed at younger readers) because they told him to. While still in the flush of youth he knows what his final words are going to be: ‘clear the table’.


‘Adam Baron – who usually writes adult novels; this is his debut for younger readers – has a light touch and brings humour to difficult subjects such as mental health and child mortality. So, why not come in? The water’s lovely…’
The Times Children’s Book of the Week

‘Boy Underwater is one of those rare books that manages to be both very funny and heartbreakingly sad.’ LoveReading4Kids

‘Grab your tissues (to muffle laughter and mop up tears) and get ready for one of the stand out reads this year…’
Mrs Cleveland Reading Blog

‘Adam Baron has successfully maintained a delicate balance between comedy and tragedy and there are scenes that will have children laughing aloud, as well as others that will leave many readers in tears.’
Books for Keeps (Children’s Book of the Week)

‘Every now and again you read a book that is just really special … it was spectacular.’
The Teaching Booth Blog