The Border

The Border

Don Winslow

Pub date
Trade Paperback 153x234mm
736 pages

Book Overview

The war has come home.

For more than forty years, Art Keller has been on the front lines of America’s longest conflict: the war on drugs. His obsession with defeating the godfather of the Sinaloa Cartel – Adán Barrera – has cost him the people he loves, even taken a piece of his soul.
Now Keller is elevated to the highest ranks of the DEA, only to find that in destroying one monster he has created thirty more that are wreaking chaos in his beloved Mexico. And not just there.
Fighting to end the heroin epidemic scourging America, Keller finds himself surrounded by an incoming administration that’s in bed with the very drug traffickers that Keller is trying to bring down.
From the slums of Guatemala to the marbled corridors of Washington, D.C., Winslow follows a new generation of narcos, cops, addicts, politicians, and mere children fleeing the violence for the chance of a life in a new country.
A shattering tale of vengeance, corruption and justice, The Border is an unflinching portrait of modern America, a story of – and for – our time.

About the author

Don Winslow is author of nineteen acclaimed, award-winning, international bestsellers – including the No.1 international bestseller The Cartel, The Power of the Dog, The Force, Savages, and The Winter of Frankie Machine. Savages was made into a critically acclaimed film by three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone. The Cartel is scheduled to begin production in 2019 and The Force has been adapted by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet and Oscar nominee Scott Frank for director James Mangold and 20th Century Fox. A former investigator, anti-terrorist trainer, and trial consultant, Winslow lives in California.


‘Everyone in America–left, right, and center–should read this book. It’s social fiction to rival Tom Wolfe and John Steinbeck. Focused, angry, suspenseful, occasionally hilarious, always hugely entertaining’ Stephen King

‘This is relentless, almost overwhelming stuff … Winslow’s great achievement is to take the unbearable and turn it into something much more than simple entertainment’ Mail on Sunday

‘A gift to all discerning crime readers … With a dramatis personae that makes Tolstoy look underpopulated, this is Winslow at his sensational best’ Financial Times

‘Promises to be one of the most attention-grabbing books of the year’ Spectator

‘Don Winslow’s epic trilogy comes to a powerful and troubling conclusion’ Mail Online

‘The most anticipated thriller of the year’ i

‘The first two books in Don Winslow’s Cartel trilogy are among the finest crime fiction ever committed to the page … Winslow has a poet’s eye, a storyteller’s heart and the bravery to go where other writers wouldn’t dare’ Big Issue

Praise for Don Winslow:

‘There is no higher mark for a storyteller than to both educate and entertain. With Winslow these aspects are entwined like strands of DNA. He’s a master’ Michael Connelly

‘Sensationally good, even after the near-perfection of The Power of the Dog. Less of a sequel than an integral part of a solid-gold whole’ Lee Child

‘So good you almost want to keep him to yourself’ Ian Rankin

‘Don Winslow delivers his longest and finest novel yet in The Cartel. This is the War and Peace of dopewar books. Tense, brutal, wildly atmospheric, stunningly plotted, deeply etched’ James Ellroy

‘The Power of the Dog and The Cartel, by Don Winslow: I’m totally swept up. You can’t ask more for emotionally moving entertainment’ Stephen King

‘The Cartel is a gut-punch of a novel. Big, ambitious, violent and widely entertaining, Don Winslow’s latest is an absolute must-read’ Harlan Coben