Cruel to Be Kind

Cruel to Be Kind

Cathy Glass

Pub date
Harper Element
B Format 129x198mm
336 pages

Book Overview

Fostering Max gets off to a bad start when his mother, Caz, complains and threatens Cathy even before Max has moved in. Cathy and her family are shocked when they first meet Max. His social worker has failed to mention that he is chronically obese; it’s not politically correct. But his social worker isn’t the only one in denial; his whole family, all obese, are too.
Caz is discharged from hospital some weeks later but Max stays with Cathy as the social services have concerns about her ability to look after him. Gradually Cathy establishes a relationship with Caz, and then one day she breaks down in tears and tells Cathy that as a child she was abused by her stepfather, and her husband is violent. Her only comfort is food. Max is allowed to return home to support his mother . .Three years pass and then Cathy receives a devastating phone call from Caz’s best friend, Bet, and life is thrown into a total spin. What lies ahead for the mild-mannered Max and his weight issue and will Cathy be able to help?

About the author

Cathy has been a foster carer for over 25 years, during which time she has looked after more than 100 children, of all ages and backgrounds. She has three teenage children of her own; one of whom was adopted after a long-term foster placement. The name Cathy Glass is a pseudonym.

Cathy has written 17 books, including bestselling memoirs Damaged, Cut, and Will You Love Me?