War on Peace

War on Peace

Ronan Farrow

Pub date
William Collins
Trade Paperback 153x234mm
432 pages

Book Overview

Who fights for America? That single question echoes in otherwise disparate conflicts in every region of the world. It is among the most important questions by which the United States is judged. Its answer is the key to decoding much of the world’s love – and hatred – of American empire.

As a young State Department diplomat working across the world, Ronan Farrow witnessed how American interests have multiplied internationally, including in places U.S. forces cannot or will not go, and so too has American reliance on foreign fighting forces to advance its objectives. Those avatars, more often than U.S. forces, are America’s face to the world.

This military aid – America’s funding, training, and arming of non-American fighting forces – has come to quietly determine the United States’ image. Pandora’s Box is the first comprehensive investigation of the practice. With vivid descriptions of conflicts on the front line and summits in the corridors of power, Farrow captures the struggle over military aid as a personal saga, as an urgent, present-day challenge, and as an essential dimension of American identity at home and abroad.

About the author

Ronan Farrow is an attorney, former State Departme


‘Farrow draws on both government experience and fr