The 28-Day Gut Health Plan

The 28-Day Gut Health Plan

Jacqueline Whitehart

Pub date
Harper Thorsons
B Format 129x198mm
272 pages

Book Overview

Many modern Brits are struggling not only with their weight but also with a sensitive gut. Food intolerances and digestive problems are on the rise.
The 28 Day Gut Health Plan is an innovative book explaining how our modern diet and reliance on processed foods has decimated the good bacteria in our gut. This is not a book of science, rather a dedicated and simple 28 day plan that anyone can follow to improve their gut health and lose weight.
• Easy to follow 28 Day Plan
• Good vs Bad Bacteria
• Gut Health and Weight-loss Tracker
• Tailored Recipes for the Programme
With a practical and light-hearted approach, the Plan will be full of helpful tips and advice and packed with Jacqueline’s own fresh, healthy and delicious recipes.

About the author

Jacqueline Whitehart is an expert health-food writer and best-selling cookery author. Her previous titles for Harper Collins include The 5:2 Bikini Diet and The SIRT Diet cookbook.