The Ice

The Ice

Laline Paull

Pub date
Fourth Estate
Trade Paperback 153x234mm
384 pages

Book Overview

As the melting ice of the Midgard glacier expels a frozen corpse into the Barents Sea, long-submerged secrets threaten to come to light.

Discovered near a glamorous wilderness retreat owned by explorer-turned-businessman Hugh Harding, the body is that of his best friend Tom Cawson – lost in an accident on the glacier three years ago, when Harding had been the last person to see him alive.

Their friendship, forged by a shared obsession with Arctic exploration, had often been strained by their differing ambitions. And, as the inquest into Tom’s death begins, the choices made by both men – in love and in life – are put on the stand.

Soon Harding begins to wonder whether Tom was in fact the only one who truly understood the world they were operating in, and whether the price Harding has paid for his place at the establishment’s table is higher than he could ever have imagined.

Because when the ice melts and the water rises, who can you really depend on?

Just how deep do the lies go?

About the author

Laline Paull was born in London of Indian parents.


An important and powerful novel… strikingly pr