Order Form: Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Divergent and Insurgent were both box office hits. Divergent debuted debuted with £1.7 million at the UK Box Office while Insurgent took in 3 million in its opening weekend

Shareable Digital Assets for ‘The World’s Worst Children’

From the world’s favourite author, David Walliams comes The World’s Worst Children – ten cautionary tales and a delightfully dreadful cast of characters; all in a gorgeously gifty full colour format! Shareable digital assets are now available for this hilarious new book.

Explosive new trailer for ‘Ben Hope’ series

Scott Mariani’s Ben Hope series has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide, and his army of fans is still growing. An epic new book trailer is now available for his latest book Star of Africa to celebrate the continued success of the series.

POS: Posters for ‘King Power’

A2 Posters for our humorous new football book King Power are now available to order. Here, in his own words, King Richard III tells this, the most remarkable sporting story of all from his unique and privileged perspective: the goals, the games, the dressing room banter, he travelled to every match in the owner’s chopper.

Quote Sheet: Ashes of London

A Quote Sheet is now available for Andrew Taylor’s new historical thriller Ashes of London. From the No.1 bestselling author of The American Boy and The Silent Boy comes a brand new historical thriller set during the time of the Great Fire of London. The first of an exciting new series of novels.

Highlights Sheet: Time Travelling with a Hamster

A Highlights Sheet is available for Ross Welford’s charming debut Time Travelling with a Hamster. When Al Chaudhury discovers his late dad’s time machine, he finds that going back to the 1980s requires daring and imagination. It also requires lies, theft, burglary, and setting his school on fire. All without losing his pet hamster, Alan Shearer…

POS: ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’ Poster and Activity Sheet

Posters and Activity Sheets for The First Hippo on the Moon, the explosively funny new picture book from David Walliams and Tony Ross, are now available to download and order. David Walliams is the fastest growing Children’s author in the UK. His books have been translated into 30+ languages and sold over 2 million copies in the UK alone.

Shareable Digital Assets for ‘Carve the Mark’

On a planet where violence and vengeance rule, in a galaxy where some are favoured by fate, everyone develops a currentgift, a unique power meant to shape the future Fans of Star Wars and Divergent will revel in internationally bestselling author Veronica Roth’s stunning new science-fiction fantasy series, Carve the Mark. Shareable digital assets are now available, to help you spread the word about this exciting new YA series.