Ryan Love introduces us to Arthur and Teddy


I am so excited to finally be able to share Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out with you. 

Writing and working on this book has been the one of the most incredible and thrilling experiences I’ve ever had; I can’t believe it’s an actual real book now that people can open and read.

I started writing Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out at the end of May 2021.

Just one person reading ‘Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out’ and feeling like they could follow in their footsteps would mean the world to me.

Ryan Love

I don’t need to remind you about what we had all just lived through, but as I began thinking about the story I wanted to tell, the most important thing was to try and make people smile as much as possible. I wanted to smile as I escaped real life and threw myself into Arthur and Teddy’s worlds.  

I came out as gay to my family when I was 19. I consider my fortunate that I experienced nothing but love and acceptance. Sadly, that is not the case for too many people in the LGBTQIA+ community. I didn’t want to write a story that heaped misery and fear on people; there’s more than enough of that in the world right now. No matter what age you are, whether you’re out and proud or still finding yourself, I hope this book can be a warm hug before you continue on your own personal journey.  

Just one person reading Arthur and Teddy Are Coming Out and feeling like they could follow in their footsteps would mean the world to me. There will always be tough times and things to overcome, but if we each do our bit to fill the world around us with love and support, we can make it a happier and more accepting place for everyone. I hope you enjoy spending a little time in that world now with Arthur, Teddy and their family and friends.  

It’s never too late to be you! 

Digital Assets and POS

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