An Oregon story: Jason Gurley on ‘Eleanor’

A great literary fantasy, with elements of psychological thriller, Eleanor is the story about choices that ripple through time. The book’s author Jason Gurley is sure to become a brilliant new voice of the genre. Here he discusses his thrilling new book, and ties links to the US state of Oregon.

We Were on a Break: Lindsey Kelk on her new book

The bestselling favourite Lindsey Kelk, provides a glimpse of what’s to come in her next novel We Were on A Break, which will be publishing in October 2016. In the meantime, visit Lindsey’s official author website for more news from Lindsey herself. Her latest book A Girl’s Best Friend is available now!

All fun and games: David Baddiel on ‘The Person Controller’

‘My first children’s book, The Parent Agency, was inspired when my son Ezra, then 8, asked me why Harry Potter didn’t run away from the Dursleys and go and find some better parents. My second book was also inspired by Ezra – I may just have to start paying him royalties – but not by anything he said this time.’