Carol Ericson lives in southern California, home of state-of–the-art cosmetic surgery, wild freeway chases, and a million amazing stories. These stories, along with hordes of virile men and feisty women clamor for release from Carol’s head until she sets them free to fulfill their destinies and her readers’ fantasies. To find out more about Carol and her current books, please visit her website at, “where romance flirts with danger.”

Books by Carol Ericson

Canyon Crime Scene / The Spy Switch
Enemies To Lovers: Trusting The Enemy
Mission Honeymoon / Lakeside Mystery
Love Under Fire: Second Chance Seduction
Heroes In Hot Pursuit: Love Under Fire
Covert Christmas
Trouble In Big Timber / The Bait
The Bait
The Setup
The Decoy
The Trap
Her Child To Protect / The Decoy
Safeguarding The Surrogate / The Trap
Rookie Instincts
Unraveling Jane Doe
The Secret She Kept / The Setup
Rookie Instincts / Texas Target
Protective Order / Buried Secrets
Settling An Old Score / Unraveling Jane Doe
Evasive Action / What She Saw
Chain Of Custody / Badlands Beware
Code Conspiracy / Deadly Cover-Up
Safety Breach / Undercover Accomplice
Enemy Infiltration
Marine Force Recon
Missing In Conard County
Bulletproof Christmas
Bulletproof Seal: Bulletproof SEAL (Red, White and Built) / Surrogate Escape (Apache Protectors: Wolf Den) (Mills & Boon Heroes)
Secured By The Seal: Secured by the SEAL (Red, White and Built, Book 5) / Ranger Defender (Texas Brothers of Company B, Book 2) (Mills & Boon Heroes)