Chetan Parkyn

Chetan Parkyn grew up on a farm in Shropshire. He qualified as a mechanical engineer and has travelled worldwide as a troubleshooting mechanical and diving engineer. While in India in 1977 he was told by a mystic that he would work with a revolutionary system that would help people in their lives. In 1993 he was introduced to the extraordinary system of Human Design, which he recognised as the system he had been told about years before in India.

Chetan made an easy transition from reading mechanical blueprints about machinery to reading personal charts for people. After throwing himself into an intense study of the system, helped to launch it in America, giving readings and classes throughout the US from his base in Hawaii.Chetan started his first classes and workshops in Human Design in the UK in 2001. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife Carola. He continues to give one-on-one readings, plus counselling in person worldwide.

Books by Chetan Parkyn