Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is an expert on visionary, mystical and paranormal topics. She specializes in dreamwork, intuitive development, angel work and “miracle mind consciousness” to help others achieve their goals and find fulfillment in life, creativity, work and spiritual understanding. Rosemary is president of her own company, Visionary Living, Inc., based in Maryland, USA.

Rosemary’s books published by Thorsons are ‘A Miracle in Your Pocket’, about miracles and miracle mind consciousness; ‘An Angel in Your Pocket’, about our relationship to angels; and two Tarot book and deck sets, co-authored with artist Robert Michael Place: ‘The Alchemical Tarot’ and ‘The Angels Tarot’. She has numerous other books and articles published, and makes frequent lecture and media appearances.

Books by Rosemary Ellen Guiley