This year, we celebrated an incredible 10 years of publishing with Cathy Glass, an inspirational foster carer and bestselling author who shares her most moving, challenging and heart-warming experiences with her readers. At the start of this year, Cathy wrote a lovely piece to her fans, and we wanted to share this with you once again, as we approach the close of 2017.

Cathy’s latest book, Cruel to be Kind, is available to buy now.

“When my first fostering memoir was published in 2007 it broke new ground.”

No one before had dared to write about the hidden sometimes secretive world of fostering and the social services. Ten years and 26 books later. How time flies! I feel I have come on a long journey with my companions – all of you. Some of you were there right at the start and I feel I know you as you know me.

I have been overwhelmed by the response from readers, thousands of whom have emailed, sending their love and best wishes and saying how moved they have been by my books, and sharing their own experiences. Some of those emails are on the comments page of my website You are very loyal and sincere. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

As you have shared my life’s journey so I have shared many of your life experiences.

It doesn’t matter that I have never met you, we communicate and share like old friends. I have been there during your ups and downs, laughed at some of your funny stories and revelations, and cried at your sad news or when life dealt you a cruel blow.

I have ‘seen’ young people grow up, go to university, start jobs, and have families of their own. I have been greatly saddened to hear of the abuse some of you have suffered. You are so strong. I have commiserated and given what help I can when one of your children has been taken into care. I have cried tears of happiness when that child has been returned to you. I admire your honestly in your candid account of what went wrong. We all make mistakes.

I have lost two of you that I know of. There may be more. Dear friends who loved my books but sadly died, one from cancer and the other in a car accident. One of their family was aware they loved my books emailed me let me know. I felt their loss personally as I know you felt the loss of my dear father. Your words of comfort were much appreciated.

You often say you feel you are part of my family. I feel I am part of yours too.

One big happy family that embraces many different countries, races and cultures. For us when we chat on Facebook, tweet or email we are one. Sometimes you send photographs and I am very moved, sadly I can’t reciprocate as I have to maintain my anonymity to protect the children I foster.

So ten years, where did the time go? And what of the next ten years? I hope I will still be writing and fostering, certainly I have no plans to retire. So on this ten year anniversary I’d like to say a big thank you to you all. For one thing is for certain I couldn’t have come this far with out you.

All my love,
Cathy & family.
Bless you. x


Cruel To Be Kind
is the true story of Max, aged 6. He is fostered by Cathy while his mother is in hospital with complications from type 2 diabetes.
Fostering Max gets off to a bad start when his mother, Caz, complains and threatens Cathy even before Max has moved in. Cathy and her family are shocked when they first meet Max. But his social worker isn’t the only one in denial; his whole family are too.

Cruel To Be Kind is out now.