Baddiel-iconDavid Baddiel‘s hilarious children’s novel The Parent Agency is due to be adapted into a spectacular feature-length film after the rights were snapped up by Fox 2000.

Fox 2000 Pictures has acquired the rights to the novel The Parent Agency by David Baddiel. The novel is an epic wish-fulfillment adventure for every child and for the child in everyone, and was the bestselling hardback children’s debut of 2014 and winner of the 2016 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards.

Baddiel, a comedian, novelist and screenwriter based in the UK, will adapt the book himself for the big screen. He will also produce alongside Snowed-In Productions’ Ruth Kenley-Letts. The film will be executive produced by Snowed-In’s Neil Blair (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Casual Vacancy).

Baddiel has written seven books. His first children’s novel was The Parent Agency, followed by The Person Controller, which was published in October 2015 and has sold more than 100,000 copies. He then wrote The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked for 2016’s World Book Day.  He has also written four critically acclaimed adult novels The Death of Eli Gold, Time For Bed, Whatever Love Means and The Secret Purposes.

“I am very pleased to be working with Fox 2000 and Snowed-In to bring The Parent Agency to the screen,” says Baddiel.  “The studio has an incredible track record both in comedy and in book adaptation, and I’m also very proud to be Snowed-In’s first movie project.  The success of the book continues to astound me, so I’m very excited to see  this story take the next step of its journey into children’s hearts and minds.”

About The Parent Agency

Barry Bennett hates being called Barry.  In fact it’s number 2 on the list of things he blames his parents for, along with 1) ‘being boring’ and 3) ‘always being tired’.  He wishes he had better parents.  But there is a world, not far from this one, where parents don’t have children.  In this world, children are allowed to choose their parents.  For Barry Bennett, this world seems like a dream come true.  Only, things turn out to be not quite that simple…