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50 Places That Changed UK Politics

By Matt Chorley

50 Places That Changed British Politics is must-have for political wonks and lovers of obscure, weird and wonderful stories from British history.

Forget Big Ben and Westminster bust-ups, some of the key events that have shaped modern British politics didn’t happen in the cloisters of parliament or the corridors of power, but in car parks, village halls and seaside resorts where the mundane hosts the mighty.

From Putney Heath where Pitt the Younger fought a duel, to the Folkestone flat Henry Bolton smuggled his girlfriend into in a suitcase, to the Gravesend street where Nick Clegg recreated the Call Me Maybe music video, these are the places where snap, daft decisions changed the course of politics.

Matt Chorley has spent almost two decades covering Westminster politics, interviewing prime ministers, mocking ministers and celebrating the unintentionally hilarious, historic events which act as unlikely turning points in the direction of a nation. In 50 Places That Changed British Politics, Chorley combines the sharpest anecdotes and smartest research to make it a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about how politics really works.