A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting

Sophie Irwin

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A4 159x240mm
400 pages
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Book Overview

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’A sassy, witty, delicious tale [with] a fabulous, fearless heroine … I cheered for her all the way through this brilliant romp’ SOPHIE KINSELLA

The season is about to begin – and there’s not a minute to lose…

Kitty Talbot needs a fortune.

Or rather, she needs a husband who has a fortune. This is 1818 after all, and only men have the privilege of seeking their own riches.

With just twelve weeks until Kitty and her sisters are made homeless, launching herself into London society is the only avenue open to her. And Kitty must use every ounce of cunning and ingenuity she possesses to climb the ranks.

The only one to see through her plans is the worldly Lord Radcliffe and he is determined to thwart her at any cost.

Can Kitty secure a fortune and save her sisters from poverty? There is not a day to lose and no one – not even a lord – will stand in her way…

About the author

Sophie Irwin grew up in Dorset before moving to south London after university. She has spent years immersed in the study of historical fiction, from a dissertation on how Georgette Heyer helped win World War Two, to time spent in dusty stacks and old tomes losing herself in Regency London while researching this book. Her love and passion for historical fiction bring a breath of fresh air and a contemporary energy to the genre and Sophie hopes to transport readers to a time when ballrooms were more like battlegrounds.Sophie worked as an assistant editor before going freelance.A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting is her debut novel and it has already sold in over twenty territories worldwide.


  • ‘This book captivated me. What a sassy, witty, delicious tale. Kitty Talbot is a fabulous, fearless heroine and I cheered for her all the way through this brilliant romp’ Sophie Kinsella, The Party Crasher
  • ‘A diamond of the first water! Shades of Heyer with a dash of modern roguishness that belongs to Sophie Irwin. The Grand Kitty is a splendid heroine – plucky and resolute – and her story is full of heart and swooningly romantic. In short, I bloody loved it’ Beth Morrey, Em & Me 
  • ‘Bridgerton fans will devour Sophie Irwin’s delightful Regency debut …Unstoppable force meets immovable object with delightful results. A confection to be savoured!’ Kate Quinn, The Rose Code
  • ‘Funny, fresh and original – with two delicious and loveable central characters – you’ll want to put it straight on your dance card’ Cesca Major, The Silent Hours
  • ‘Very clever and hugely entertaining’ Sarah Hilary, Fragile ‘This is SO much fun. The most pleasing homage to Georgette Heyer with a thoroughly modern sensibility all of its own. Tremendous stuff’ Harriet Tyce, Blood Orange
  • ‘A delightful romp – as clever, capricious and charming as the heroine herself. Lose yourself in the hurly-burly of husband-hunting in Sophie Irwin’s impeccable recreation of Regency London – a sparkling debut that reads like a turbo-charged  Jane Austen’ Joanna Toye, Wedding Bells for the Victory Girls
  • ‘I cheered for Kitty as she continually confronts the whole of polite society in her outrageous pursuit of a rich husband….an impressive debut’ Mary Balogh, Someone Perfect
  • ‘Move over, Mr. Darcy! Readers of Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer will adore this hilarious, sparkling debut! Utterly irresistible’ Eloisa James, How to Be A Wallflower
  • ‘Glorious! A successor to Georgette Heyer, with a Becky Sharp lead and big Elizabeth–Darcy energy’ Kat Brown