Emma Jane Unsworth

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The Borough Press
B Format 129x198mm
368 pages
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Book Overview


‘DAZZLING’ Marian Keyes
‘WITTY’ Guardian
‘HEARTBREAKING’ Dolly Alderton
‘INCREDIBLE’ Candice Carty-Williams

Jenny McLaine:
• can’t afford her mortgage since her ex moved out
• is about to get dumped by her best friend
• spends all day online-stalking women with picture-perfect lives

And now her mother has appeared on her doorstep, unbidden, to save the day…

Is Jenny ready to grow up and rescue herself this time?

UK’s #6 bestselling hardback, The Sunday Times chart 9th February 2020

About the author

Emma Jane Unsworth is an award-winning novelist and screenwriter. Her novel, Animals, was adapted into a film, for which Unsworth wrote the screenplay. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2019. She also writes for television and various magazines.


  • ‘Jaunty, witty, sexy and funny … [Unsworth’s] writing surprises, delights and moves. I will remember, for a long time, this novel’s lacerating wit and its melancholy sorrow’ GUARDIAN
  • ‘Adults is hilarious … that this novel is so relatable is what makes it such a page-turner. Heartwarming and heartbreaking’ STYLIST
  • ‘Unsworth dazzlingly skewers modern life … This deserves to be gleefully quoted’ SUNDAY TIMES
  • ‘Virtuoso … Unsworth sparkles… like the very best of her kind, she creates a world complex enough that in the echoes of our laughter are also relatability, wistfulness, even hope’ OBSERVER
  • ‘I LOVED it! Dazzling observations & snarky one-liners, with a heroine who is vulnerable, funny, intelligent & feels SO REAL I WISH I’d written it!’ MARIAN KEYES
  • ‘Adults is a sharp, funny novel about floundering in a social-media world where everyone else seems to be flying … [Unsworth] nails the anguish of losing a future and figuring yourself out. Adults is witty, clever and a bit frightening. Unsworth had me rooting for Jenny to like herself’ THE TIMES
  • ‘Confronting, heartbreaking and hilarious … I completely & utterly adored it’ DOLLY ALDERTON
  • ‘Brilliant’ WOMAN’S HOUR BBC RADIO 4
  • ‘As empathetic as it is energising … Superb’ DAILY MAIL
  • ‘Funny, arch & tender …. A must-read’ JESSIE BURTON
  • ‘Funny, sad and often very wise’ METRO
  • ‘Hilarious & heartbreaking’ RED
  • ‘Too funny, too clever, satisfyingly satirical & with just the right amount of Zodiac chat, ADULTS is incredible’ CANDICE CARTY-WILLIAMS
  • ‘Adults is a sharp, dark and frequently very funny story of mothers and daughters’i NEWS
  • ‘Unique, hilarious … I loved it’ HOLLY BOURNE
  • ‘As funny as it is scary . . .  a very clever, and frequently sad, story of addiction hiding in plain sight: Instagram’ JUNO DAWSON
  • ‘Hilarious’ DAILY MAIL