Collins Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Lists

Collins Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Lists

Anne R. Bradford

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B Format 129x198mm
816 pages
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Book Overview

Hundreds of wide-ranging word lists to help with solving cryptic and quick crossword clues. The lists are sorted alphabetically and by length, and provide an invaluable reference for all crossword solvers.

A must for all crossword solvers, this updated edition of the Bradford’s Crossword Lists has been compiled from the Collins thesaurus database under the direction of Anne Bradford. It gives hundreds of useful wordlists covering a wide range of subjects, with each list sorted by length and then alphabetically, to give maximum help with solving crossword clues. Solvers can locate words by subject, spotting the word they need to complete their crossword grids quickly: the perfect companion volume to Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary.

About the author

Anne Bradford has been compiling her Crossword Solver’s Dictionary since 1957, and regularly publishes new editions. She devotes a considerable time each day to solving crosswords, and notes, on average, 150 words a week. She is an active member of the Crossword Club and also sets crosswords. She lives in London.


  • Bradford’s Crossword Lists is…a very impressive production and…makes a very useful general reference tool…Bradford’s Crossword Lists and Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary together form a combination that is hard to beat.
  • Brian Head, Crossword