Patricia McCormick

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Collins Flamingo
B Format 129x198mm
176 pages
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Book Overview

You say it’s up to me to do the talking. You lean forward and your black leather chair groans, like a living thing. Like the cow it was before somebody killed it and turned it into a chair in a shrink’s office in a loony bin…

Fifteen-year old Callie is so withdrawn that she’s not speaking to anyone – including her therapist at Sea Pines, known to its guests as ‘Sick Minds’ – the residential treatment facility where her parents and doctor send her after discovering that she cuts herself. Her story unfolds primarily through dramatic monologues, gradually revealing the family turmoil that led to her self-destructive behaviour.

About the author

Patricia McCormick is a writer and teacher of creative writing. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Cut is her first novel.


  • “I read Cut in one breathless sitting, mesmerized by 15-year-old Callie whose silent struggle against self-destructive impulses captured my heart as well as my admiration. In her memorable debut novel, Patricia McCormick takes the reader on a journey through the geography of a teenager’s troubled mind. We watch as she summons the courage to face the inward forces that threaten her sanity and, perhaps, her very life. You will not soon forget a girl named Callie and this remarkable novel.”— Robert Cormier
  • “First-timer McCormick tackles a side of mental illness that is rarely seen in young-adult literature in a believable and sensitive manner. … A thoughtful look at teenage mental illness and recovery.”— Kirkus