Sherry Ashworth

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Collins Flamingo
B Format 129x198mm
224 pages
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Book Overview

Catherine isn’t sure who she is. The hardworking student? The dutiful daughter? Or someone else entirely? Catherine, Cat, Cath – which is the real person? A gripping study of teenage pressure and identity.

Catherine is a typical A-grade student from a middle class, high-achieving family, who suddenly, on entering the sixth form, loses her way. She stumbles from one situation to another, unable to work and turning to alcohol to take her mind off her problems. As she searches for answers through the varied and offbeat characters she meets, she learns a great many truths about life. Can she cope with the biggest truth of all – her own personality?

Written in the first person, each chapter is addressed to someone different in Catherine’s life – her mother, a teacher, a schoolfriend etc, and reflects how Catherine is different to different people. It brilliantly reflects the pressures on young people today in a world where they haven’t got the time to grow up at their own pace. Is the face we present to the world our true self, or a carefully maintained construct?

About the author

Sherry Ashworth is an exciting new voice in teenage writing. She has written eight adult novels and two teenage novels; her most recent, published by The Women’s Press this year, IS HE WORTH IT?, has received hot reviews.


  • “Gripping from cover to cover, Disconnected is one of those books you really can’t put down. I haven’t been so impressed with a novel for quite some time now and Sherry Ashworth has, on the merits of this one novel alone, become one of my favourite authors… It’s not often that a book makes me think I must go out and find some more of this author’s work now, but that’s the effect Disconnected had on me. I was well and truly blown away.”Fiona McKinlay, teenage reviewer for whsonline.co.uk