Dream Drawings

Dream Drawings

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A4 152x229mm
128 pages
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Book Overview

From Pulitzer Prize winner and celebrated American master N. Scott Momaday, a beautiful collection of 100 new prose poems, rooted in Native American oral tradition, along with 5 – 7 pieces of art by the author.

“We imagine and we dream, and we translate our dreams into language. This book is an enactment of that creative process. It is a celebration of words for their own sake.” (from the preface) N. Scott Momaday is a singular voice in American letters, and his love of language and storytelling are on full display in this brilliant and accessible new collection. Comprised of 100 prose poems or “dream drawings” as Momaday has named them, they are what he calls furnishings of the mind. “They are the stuff of story, and story is a nourishment of the soul.” he writes. Here are poems about nature and landscapes, animals, warriors, and hunters, as well as love, sorrow, and loss. Each piece, full of wisdom and wonder, is rooted in Momaday’s Native American heritage and oral storytelling traditions. And as always evident in his work, we see his reverence for the natural world and his spiritual connection to the American landscape. Poignant, imaginative, and inspired, these are poems that will indeed nourish the soul.