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Everyone I Know is Dying

By Emily Slapper

‘Sharp and uncompromising… Everyone I Know is Dying is a book that demands to be read’ Joe Gibson, author of Seventeen

‘I read every page obsessively… sharp and witty and so delicately crafted’ Elvin Mensah, author of Small Joys


When she’s having sex with her boss, Iris likes to have the lights on so he can see how much younger she is than his wife. She likes watching her colleagues eat unhealthy lunches at their desk while her stomach aches with emptiness. She likes coasting at work knowing she’s going to land a big promotion anyway.

So why when it arrives does she find herself sprawled on her hallway floor, crying uncontrollably? Why, instead of a sense of triumph, does a crippling depression threaten to overwhelm her? Why does the support and stability of her family and friends feel so suffocating? And why, torn between her flatmate George – good, kind, reliable George – and cold, indifferent Patrick, does she only seem capable of making choices that cause her pain?

A razor-sharp, bleakly funny exploration of mental health crises, the societal pressures on young women, and toxic sexual and romantic relationships from one of the most exciting new literary voices. Perfect for fans of Sorrow and Bliss or Cleopatra and Frankenstein.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 18 Jul 2024
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-00-862914-4
Price: £16.99 (Export Price) , £16.99, €None
Emily Slapper grew up in Northampton before studying Cinema and Photography at the University of Leeds.After graduating she moved to London to work in advertising whilst hoping to one day become a screenwriter. But wanting to write films turned into wanting to write books and so she started a Creative Writing MA at Royal Holloway. Everyone I Know is Dying is her debut novel.In her spare time she loves walking around South East London with her dog, Tina.

'Everyone I Know Is Dying is a strikingly honest portrayal of mental health and young womanhood. Iris embodies the complexities of navigating life in your twenties while grappling with mental illness and toxic relationships. -

Emily Slapper’s writing is sharp and uncompromising, delving deep into Iris's struggles with depression, disordered eating, and turbulent romances. While Iris may not always be likable, her flaws make her incredibly relatable, reflecting the messy reality of human existence. -

What sets this book apart is its rawness. Slapper doesn't shy away from uncomfortable truths, making the reader feel almost intrusive at times. Yet, this unflinching honesty is what makes the narrative so powerful and unforgettable. -

Everyone I Know Is Dying is a book that demands to be read. Its portrayal of mental health is hauntingly authentic, resonating with readers long after they've turned the final page. With its clever and witty prose, its complicated yet relatable protagonist, Emily Slapper’s striking novel earns its place alongside The Bell Jar, Sorrow and Bliss, and Cleopatra and Frankenstein. Everyone I Know Is Dying introduces an exciting new literary voice, one that promises to leave a lasting impact.' -

Joe Gibson, author of Seventeen -

'The writing is brilliant and so honest. I was really invested in Iris's journey.' -

Chloe Michelle Howarth, author of Sunburn -

'Everyone I Know Is Dying paints an unflinching portrait of a woman navigating the complexities of modern existence. Emily's prose is drenched with such intense emotional resonance that it's impossible not to think of Iris, George and Patrick as real people. This novel delivers an absolute masterclass in traversing fragile mental terrain; the writing is sharp and witty and so delicately crafted. I read every page obsessively.' -

Elvin Mensah, author of Small Joys -