Face to Face with Leopards

Face to Face with Leopards

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National Geographic Kids
32 pages
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Book Overview

You’re crouched in the African brush, camera at the ready. You’re waiting on one of nature’s loners. It’s dark. It’s scary. Then silently, he appears; the ever-elusive leopard. You have seconds to capture on film this wonder of the wild, with its exotic spotted fur, so prized by hunters

Beverly and Dereck Joubert are National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, film-makers, researchers, authors, and photographers who have worked in the field in Africa for 30 years. They are experts in big cats and have just spent five years working with leopards in Botswana. They have earned five Emmys and a Peabody for their film work and were recently honoured with the World Ecology Award from the University of Missouri. They have written and photographed six books and many articles for National Geographic Magazine. The Jouberts feel that their achievements are a result of their being able to live permanently in the bush and get close to wildlife , face to face.

About the author

The National Geographic Kid is curious about the world around them, empowered in the face of challenges and responsible for others and the natural world. Combining these principles with the international educational heritage of Collins, this partnership is a natural fit for books that are funny, weird, exploratory, educational and loved by children.


  • “My son loves these books. We started reading National Geographic Kids books when he was about six (he’s nine now) and I can honestly say that these books have been instrumental in teaching him to read.” – Consumer
  • “My kids love these books. Super fun and interesting.” – Consumer