For My Brother’s Sins

For My Brother’s Sins

Sheelagh Kelly

Pub date
B Format 129x198mm
640 pages
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Book Overview

The second title in Sheelagh Kelly’s bestselling ‘Feeney’ saga tells how one treacherous act can turn a brother’s love into a murderous rage…

In the summer of 1867 a sudden change in the fortunes of the Feeney family saves them from their life of struggle and poverty in the mean back streets of York. But what will save the Feeney family from itself? Patrick and Thomasin Feeney and their children, Erin, Richard and Sonny, each have different dreams – and as these dreams grow under the influence of their new-found wealth the old bonds between them begin to break. Estranging husband and wife, dividing father and son, setting brother against brother. But it is Richard, as dishonest and selfish as he is handsome and charming, whose final betrayal threatens to bring down the judgment of God.

About the author

Sheelagh Kelly was born in York. She left school at fifteen and went to work as a book-keeper. She has written for pleasure since she was a small child. Later she developed a keen interest in genealogy and history, which led her to trace her ancestors’ story, and inspired her to write her first book. She has since produced many bestselling novels.


  • ‘Sheelagh Kelly surely can write’Sunderland Echo
  • ‘Genuinely perceptive portrayals of human relationships’Irish Independent