How to Be a Lady

How to Be a Lady

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Harper Horizon
A Format 114x203mm
192 pages
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Book Overview

A charming reminder of what it takes to be an exemplary woman—someone who is mindful of the effect she has on others and knows how to breeze through an awkward conversation with poise.

How to be a Lady is an updated edition that teaches women manners, attitude, appropriate dress, and social skills. This version includes how to communicate, shop, and meet new people through cell phones and computers. Despite how different things are, the principles of good manners remain the same. This resourceful book teaches women how to maintain patience and civility.
Some of the topics highlighted are:

how to properly select clothing and get dressed for any occasion
attending a party and hosting a party
office manners and etiquette
personal hygiene for women
cell phone etiquette and how to conduct private conversations

How to be a Lady is a thoughtful gift for:

birthdays and graduations
Easter baskets, stocking stuffers and holiday gift giving

Becoming a lady is a lifelong exercise in refining etiquette, social interaction, and personal discipline. It all continues here.