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How to Spot a Unicorn

By Suzy Senior, Illustrated by Dan Taylor

The perfect rhyming children’s book for little unicorn lovers!

We’re off to find a unicorn,
They’re really hard to spot.
Some people say they’re make-believe,
But WE believe they’re not!

Join two little unicorn-lovers on a magical adventure to find their favourite mythical creature! There are so many places to explore – the wishing well must be a likely place . . . or surely the enchanted forest, if not?

Is that a pair of fluffy UNICORN ears behind that rock? Ah – it’s grandad’s socks. On closer inspection, there don’t seem to be ANY unicorns around!

But if you keep looking and don’t give up, you never know what you might find – there might just be some unicorns just around the corner after all!

Binoculars at the ready for a fun-filled rhyming romp . . . full of magic and unicorn rainbow sparkle!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt meets Ten Little Unicorns with the ‘not-all-it-seems’ silliness of Shark in the Park!