Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Nick Butterworth

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32 pages
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Book Overview

Join some very enterprising mice in this funny, festive book from best-selling creator of Percy the Park Keeper, Nick Butterworth. A great Christmas gift!

Christmas time, a happy time – or so it should be. But for two small mice, Lottie and Jack, Christmas Eve is overshadowed by one big problem… That Cat. How can they stop him from spoiling everything? Their friend, the wise rat, Ton Chee, has an idea involving a little golden bell … but will it work?

About the author

Nick Butterworth was born in London and grew up in a sweet shop in Essex. He worked for various major graphic design companies before becoming a full-time author and illustrator. Among his picture books are Thud!, QPootle5, Jingle Bells, Albert le Blanc, Tiger and The Whisperer, winner of the Nestlé Gold Award. But he is best known for his stories about Percy the Park Keeper, which have sold more than 9 million copies worldwide. Percy has also appeared in his own television series.


  • Praise for Jingle Bells:
  • ‘Exquisite illustrations’ Express
  • ‘Total enchantment’ The Times
  • Praise for Tiger:
  • ‘Nick Butterworth is one of the best picture book writers alive.’The Independent
  • Praise for Tiger in the Snow:
  • ‘Regular re-readings of Tiger in the Snow will be demanded.’ Bookseller’s Choice, The Bookseller
  • Praise for The Whisperer:
  • ‘We are not born with prejudice. We learn it. I welcome a book to help young people learn that our diversity is a gift – a wonderful blessing from God. Let us celebrate it.’ Desmond Tutu Archbishop Emeritus
  • ‘’Butterworth’s best yet…’ Sunday Times
  • Praise for Albert le Blanc:
  • ‘Nick Butterworth is one of the best picture book writers alive.’ The Independent
  • ‘Butterworth’s drawings have a comforting clarity and his stories develop straightforwardly so the book works for just about everyone.’ Sunday Times