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Mama Still Got It

By Louise Boyce

Having a brood has changed the mood…

As one of the biggest parenting stars on social media, mother-of-three Louise Boyce knows a thing or two about navigating the craziness of family life.

Now Louise shares her expertise in Mama Still Got It, a hurtling gallop through the ‘real’ parenting calendar. From drop-kicking the kids through the school gates in September, to the perils of using a public loo with your toddler, via the existential dread of an unexpected nursery call to tell you ‘there’s nothing to worry about’ (sure), this book covers all the highs and lows of modern motherhood.

So put the kids to bed (for five minutes at least), grab a glass of wine, and settle in for the ride.

Mama may be tired, but she’s still got it!