Fay Weldon

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Harper Perennial
B Format 129x198mm
288 pages
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Book Overview

A brilliant, inventive and endlessly delightful new memoir from Fay Weldon, one of our most respected commentators on sex, relationships and gender, that picks up where her acclaimed Auto da Fay left off.

Fay Weldon, one of our cleverest and best-loved novelists, returns to the rich material of her own eventful life in this stylish blend of memoir and fiction. Mantrapped is the continuing story of Weldon, writer, mother, daughter, sister, cook, campaigner, juggler of life, time, work and money. Weldon has been rich and poor, sad and happy, and throughout it all, well and truly mantrapped – but does not regret it one bit. From 1960s London (wild parties, no money) to 1970s Somerset (animals, wild parties, no money) Weldon has lived a life rich in adventure and courage. The things you regret, as she points out, are what you don’t do, not what you do.

In this vastly entertaining book she argues that in a world in which the writer can no longer hope to be anonymous, it is devious, and indeed dishonourable, to keep yourself out of your own books. True to her word, in Mantrapped we get Fay Weldon at her most charismatic, perceptive and entertaining.

About the author

Fay Weldon was born and raised in New Zealand. Her novels and short stories are released to great commercial and critical acclaim around the world, and she has also done significant work in the fields of television and film.


  • Praise for Fay Weldon:
  • ‘Fay Weldon is a national treasure.’ Literary Review
  • ‘Prolific and provocative, Fay Weldon shines brightest in the league table of British women novelists.’ Time Out