Montegue Blister’s Strange Games

Montegue Blister’s Strange Games

Montegue Blister

Pub date
The Friday Project
B Format 126x166mm
256 pages
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Book Overview

A hilarious compendium of weird, wonderful, warped classic and new games.

Taken from the brilliant website, Montegue Blister’s Strange Games is a pocket-sized compendium of the most hilarious, noisy, messy, and often vomit-inducing games ever written.

Finally, the official rules for all the games you played at school as a kid, such as Finger Jousting, Peanuts, Slapsies and Thumb Wrestling. But that’s not all! Montegue Blister’s Strange Games includes dangerous variations on old classics such as Extreme Rock Paper Scissors, Bloody Knuckles, Shin Kicking and Toe Wrestling, plus a whole host of new, weird and wonderful games like Face Ball, Crazy Stair Climbing, Watermelon Skiing and Mosquito Squashing.

Some games are violent, some are downright savage – and most involve a tiny bit of blood. But one thing’s for sure – they’re great fun! Montegue Blister’s Strange Games is the perfect gift for Christmas and beyond.

Chapters in Strange Games in include:
Hand and feet games; Urban Games; Festivals; Party Games; Trick Games; Playground Games; Throwing & Propulsion; Sports; Stand off Games; Animal Games.

About the author

Montegue Blister is the inventor of Walking Trippy (the English Gentleman's Martial Art). He is also the Obscure Sports Media Mogul of the World Finger Jousting Federation and an internationally renowned expert on violent childhood games, embarrassing party games, unusual festivals and vintage port.


  • Featured in the Books of the Year round-up in the Sunday Times “For a less cerebral loved one, this is a blokey trove”