National Geographic Investigates: Future Tech

National Geographic Investigates: Future Tech

Charles Piddock

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National Geographic Kids
A4 189x262mm
64 pages
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Book Overview

Future Tech illustrates and explains the most current research and technologies that promise to change our lives dramatically in the future.

From machines with the ability of independent thought, to cars that drive themselves, to robots that borrow their nature from nature itself, this book gives young readers an inspiring glimpse of possibilities within their lifetimes. Budding young scientists will be awed to learn of “spray-on” computers that could one day outfit us in smart clothes; every young mind will be psyched to encounter humanoid robots like Cog and Kismet; and how cool would it be to one day have tiny robots enter the bloodstream to clean up our arteries? The book’s high-quality photos and drawings explore…
– The future of technology: how will robotics and biomimetic shape our world?
– The future of medicine: how will prosthetics and transplants change our lives?
– The future of transportation: what will run the cars of the future–or will we travel by some other means?
– The future of family life: what can we expect from the super-smart house, office, and school of the future?
Future Tech will fast-forward readers into a time of incredible innovation and change. This fascinating latest addition to the National Geographic Investigates Science series is way ahead of its time.

About the author

The National Geographic Kid is curious about the world around them, empowered in the face of challenges and responsible for others and the natural world. Combining these principles with the international educational heritage of Collins, this partnership is a natural fit for books that are funny, weird, exploratory, educational and loved by children.


  • “My son loves these books. We started reading National Geographic Kids books when he was about six (he’s nine now) and I can honestly say that these books have been instrumental in teaching him to read.” – Consumer
  • “My kids love these books. Super fun and interesting.” – Consumer