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Pokemon Code Breakers

By Pokémon

Pokémon Code Breakers is the ultimate brain busting introduction to codes and puzzles. Become a master code breaker with this 100% official Pokémon pocket sized puzzle book!

Test your code-breaking skills with this ultimate 100% official Pokémon Code Breakers puzzle book!

This book is a fantastic introduction to logical thinking and decoding puzzles for kids. A host of fun Pokémon characters help solve the puzzles along the way. With a range of difficulties, each child can work their way up from simple tasks to more complex puzzles. Test your maths skills, work out coordinates, and learn about Morse, Pig Pen and substitution codes.

This handy pocket-sized book features over 50 word, number and logic puzzles to solve. With all your favourite Pokémon, including Pikachu, Psyduck, Bulbasaur, Wooloo and Squirtle, and packed full of brain-bending codes to crack, you’ve gotta decipher em’ all!

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