Alastair MacNeill

Alistair MacLean

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464 pages
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Book Overview

Based on a short story by Alistair MacLean, Rendezvous conjures up the darkest days of the war in the Mediterranean, and the nail-biting drama of a secret life haunted by the fear of betrayal and capture.

Early in 1942 the Special Operations Executive and American Military Intelligence must put together a carefully selected team to send on a daring mission which could ultimately change the course of the war in the Mediterranean.

James McIndoe, one of the most experienced operatives in the SOE, forms an uneasy team with two members of the AMI- the beautiful Stella di Mauro and the brash Nicky Ravallo. When it becomes clear that the operation has become compromised the tension mounts, but there can be no turning back, not until the mission has been completed. But with the Germans closing in, there may be no way out…

About the author

Alastair MacNeill was born in Greenock, Scotland in 1960. His family emigrated to South Africa when he was six, settling in the coastal city of East London. On finishing school he did a three year course in hotel management at the Hotel School in Johannesburg but, having nurtured a keen interest in writing since his teens, he returned to the United Kingdom in 1985 hoping to pursue a career as a writer. He submitted a manuscript to HarperCollins Publishers and, on the strength of it, was offered the chance to write a novel based on an outline by the late Alistair MacLean. He eventually wrote seven novels based on MacLean synopses and has also written five novels under his own name. He lives in Sheffield.


  • ‘MacNeill keeps the plot racing along.’ Maxim
  • ‘Explosive action and mounting tension… well up to the master’s standard’ Northern Echo
  • Praise for Alistair MacLean:
  • ‘Mr MacLean’s grip on his story and characters is superb… His climax is murderous on the nerves’ Sunday Telegraph
  • Alistair MacLean is brilliant at building up the tension’ Sunday Mirror
  • ‘A magnificent storyteller’ Sunday Mirror
  • ‘The most successful British novelist of his time’ Jack Higgins