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Saved from the Waves: Animal Rescues of the RNLI

By The RNLI, Foreword by Steve Backshall

She has to be OK, I pleaded silently to myself. She has to be.
‘We’ve alerted the RNLI and they’re sending a lifeboat out.’
‘The RNLI?’ I said, surprised. ‘They do that?’

Saved from the Waves is a heart-warming collection of first-hand accounts from RNLI volunteers of the myriad dangers they face during each mission to save beloved pets, wildlife and livestock.

This remarkable book shines a light on the bravery of the volunteers, and the necessity of these rescues – not only to save animals at risk of drowning, but to prevent people putting themselves in danger when trying to save a cherished furry friend.

Each mission requires courage, determination and an unrelenting commitment to helping those in danger. Each day brings a new challenge for the extraordinary volunteer crews who are the lifeblood of the RNLI.