Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know

Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know

Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.

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288 pages
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Book Overview

Bestselling relationships author Barbara De Angelis shows that by embracing 10 simple principles, you can transform any situation or event – no matter how difficult or challenging – into something that can enrich you.

Imagine what it would be like if, whatever challenges you were faced with – in your relationships, work or family – you could always remain calm and clear. Imagine having a source of confidence and wisom inside yourself that you could always count on… In this book Barbara De Angelis draws on her years of experience as a relationship expert and her own 20-year spiritual search to create a precise 10-step guide to living a fulfilled life. Her principles are easy to understand and put into practice and her colourful examples, drawn both from her own life and the lives of her friends and clients, add warmth and depth to her words. This book will be an invaluable guide for women seeking more contentment and fulfillment in their lives.

About the author

Barbara De Angelis is, after John Gray, the world’s premier relationship psychologist. Almost all of her books have reached the number one spot on the NYT bestseller list, especially ARE YOU THE ONE FOR ME. She lives in California.


  • Readers’ praise for Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know:
  • “I read this book many years ago and having just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary feel I am in a position to confirm how brilliant this book is. It completely changed my preconceptions that I wasn’t even aware of… Barbara encouraged me to chuck ‘em out and enjoy life and enjoy my husband!” Gigi
  • “One of the few books I’ve read which is worth its weight in gold.” Anon
  • “Loved it. My bible.” Shurooq
  • “Excellent… Highly recommended if you want to have a better understanding of men.” Marwa Ayad
  • “Barbara talks to women as adults, which makes a refreshing change from a lot of relationship books.” Anon