The 7-Day Zone Diet

The 7-Day Zone Diet

Barry Sears, Ph.D.

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256 pages
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Book Overview

One week to a fitter, healthier you with the revolutionary Zone diet plan. Find out what to eat, when to eat it, and how this is better than any other high protein diet. The Zone books have sold over 4 million worldwide.

Dr Barry Sears is the author of The Zone, the revolutionary, multi million copy selling diet plan based on Nobel Prize-winning research. The Zone prescribes a diet designed to maximise optimal metabolic function (that means BURN MORE CALORIES) by eating more proteins and good fats, and few high glycaemic-index (GI) carbohydrates. Thousands testify that it works.

The 7 Day Zone Diet is a perfect introduction to the Zone style of eating and is the first ever 7 day low-carb diet plan.

The Zone is different from other low-carb diets in that it does not encourage ‘no carb’ and always insists on proteins that are low in saturated fat. Other ‘high protein’ diets lump all ‘carbs’ together as ‘bad’ and let the dieter eat as much fat as they like.

This introductory Zone guide includes:
– how to eat in the Zone
– how to shop in the Zone
– 7 days worth of healthy, satisfying recipes including quick and easy Zone breakfasts, lunches and dinners
– the Zone for vegetarians
– eating out in the Zone

About the author

Barry Sears is a pioneer in biotechnology, specialising in the human body’s hormonal responses to different types of diet. He has based his work on Nobel Prize-winning research as well as his own unique research, to create a simple dietary plan that has changed lives. A widely published scientist and researcher, he is President of the biotechnology firm Eicotech and is the bestselling author of The Zone books.


  • ‘Forget Atkins. This is the diet which helps your body burn fat 24 hours a day and curbs your cravings forever… Followed by stars such as Geri Halliwell and Sarah Jessica Parker.’ Daily Mail‘The low-carbohydrate ‘zone’ diet favoured by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Minnie Driver.’ The Guardian‘Sears’ work is authoritative and highly original, and makes for fascinating reading. Positive Health‘Liz Hurley, Cindy Crawford and Courtney Love are into Zone-ing…Every meal should have a 30:30:40 fat to protein to carb ratio to put you in ‘the zone’ where hunger fades, energy ups, and weight melts. Sounds like just another fad, but is actually pretty sensible nutritional advice.’ Red Magazine