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The Business of Philanthropy

By Badr Jafar

A collection of one-on-one discussions with 40 of the world’s greatest thought and action leaders and prominent philanthropic figures.

The Business of Philanthropy shares unique insights into the power of strategic philanthropy that will inform, inspire and mobilise the next generation of social innovators, philanthropy sector practitioners and social impact leaders to drive positive change.

Prominent philanthropists such as Bill Gates, HRH King Charles, HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah and many more discuss their concerns and hopes for the world of today and tomorrow. They shed light on new revelations and insights regarding the increasingly important role that strategic philanthropy will play in solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

In a world that is wrestling with a host of existential risks, The Business of Philanthropy addresses the need for fresh, new perspectives on old and new problems, as well as an infusion of hope and optimism to face these problems.