The Eleventh Plague

The Eleventh Plague

Darren Craske

Pub date
The Friday Project
B Format 129x198mm
416 pages
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Book Overview

The new Cornelius Quaint adventure. The thrilling sequel to The Equivoque Principle.

Picking up where The Equivoque Principle left off, The Eleventh Plague sees Cornelius Quaint embark on his most perilous adventure yet.

Bidding an emotional farewell to Dr Marvello’s Travelling Circus, Quaint leaves for Egypt with only fortune-teller Madame Destine by his side. Once in the land of the pyramids they must do battle with desert thieves, unearth long-buried secrets and attempt to foil the villainous Hades Consortium’s plans to poison the River Nile.

With a whole new cast of characters this is a ripping Victorian adventure story featuring Cornelius Quaint – part Sherlock Holmes, part Indiana Jones, part Harry Houdini.

The Times called The Equivoque Principle a ‘boisterous comedy’ with ‘hairpin plot twists’ and The Eleventh Plague follows in the grand tradition of Victorian serials.

About the author

Darren Craske began his career writing comic books and lives in the south of England.


  • Praise for The Equivoque Principle:
  • ‘Marvello’s Travelling Circus brings light and colour to the foggy streets of Victorian London, but you can’t hang about in fictional Victorian London for long without a series of brutal murders. One of the victims belongs to the circus, and suspicion falls upon Prometheus, the strongman. The boss, a brilliant conjuror named Cornelius Quaint, turns detective to clear the giant’s name… boisterous comedy and hairpin plot twists. ‘