The GL Diet Cookbook

The GL Diet Cookbook

Nigel Denby

Tina Michelucci

Deborah Pyner

Pub date
Harper Thorsons
B Format 129x198mm
320 pages
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Book Overview

GL, or Glycaemic Loading, is the dieting sensation taking the nation by storm. Nigel Denby, the UK’s No.1 authority on GL and author of ‘The 7-Day GL Diet’ brings you an exciting new cookbook with over 100 simple and delicious recipes. Every taste is catered for – fish lovers, meat connoisseurs, vegetarian, sweet. Love your food AND lose weight!

GL is the diet for people who want permanent results fast without going hungry. It’s simpler than GI – and more effective, too. This is because it doesn’t just look at the GI (Glycaemic Index) of a food: it also takes into account the amount of it we eat. This means that many high GI banned foods are back on the menu – yes, even chocolate! In this exciting new cookbook Nigel Denby, author of ‘The 7-Day GL Diet’, shows you how easy it is to cook healthy and delicious meals in minutes. It’s packed with over 100 tasty recipes and full of handy tips to keep you on track. Love your food with the GL Diet Cookbook – and watch the pounds melt away.

About the author

Nigel Denby is a private Dietician with a successful practice on Harley Street. He also works for the NHS at Hammersmith and Queen Charolotte’s Hospital. He has a strong media presence, with a weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph and writes regularly for The Times, Zest, Closer, Essentials, Spirit (Superdrug magazine) and Somerfield magazine. TV and radio include Channel 4's Fit Farm, BBC and ITN news, BBC Breakfast, BBC Real Story. Tina Michelucci and Deborah Pyner run their online dieting company, which received over 10,000 hits a week during peak publicity. All three authors are ex-serial dieters.


  • “Love what you’re eating and love the way you look … the gournet eating plan that nourishes your senses as well as your body whilst helping you lose a steady 2lb a week.” ZEST, May 2006
  • Praise for the authors and their GL diet:
  • “Simpler than GI and makes better sense.” EVENING STANDARD, January 2005
  • “Say goodbye GI and hello GL – the new, improved diet for savvy slimmers.” THE TIMES, May 2005
  • “Choice is back on the menu … The GI diet is so last year.” THE TIMES, May 2005
  • “Try the easy new GL Diet – everyone’s talking about it!” ESSENTIALS, June 2005