The GL Diet Made Easy

The GL Diet Made Easy

Nigel Denby

Tina Michelucci

Deborah Pyner

Pub date
Harper Thorsons
B Format 129x198mm
304 pages
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Book Overview

Dieting is so much easier thanks to Nigel Denby’s fantastically simple GL diet. There’s no calorie or point counting, no hunger, no guilt and no faddy food rules. Even better, you can drop a size in 10 days – and keep it off. All you need to do is stick to a few simple eating guidelines and enjoy his delicious recipes and flexible meal plans.

GL, or Glycaemic Load, gets better results than GI (Glycaemic Index) because it helps you manage the quality AND the quantity of the food you eat. For example, on a GI diet chocolate is off the menu because a single bar of chocolate and a truckload of chocolate have the same bad rating. It’s a different story on GL: you can cheat a little and still enjoy your chocolate fix. This diet is so easy and so indulgent that you’ll hardly notice you are on it until your unwanted pounds disappear.

• Simple eating guidelines – no rigid rules
• Safe, permanent weight loss
• 10-day flexible planner – drop a size and get on track
• Mouth-watering choice of 10-minute recipes

About the author

Nigel Denby is a fully qualified dietician with a successful practice on Harley Street and clinics with the NHS. He has a strong media presence, with a weekly column in The Sunday Telegraph, an award-winning FSA DVD with Lorraine Kelly and as the resident expert for Closer. An ex-serial dieter himself, Nigel is also the dietician for, an online dieting company run by fellow authors Tina Michelucci and Deborah Pyner.


  • ‘Forget GI – the latest trend is its updated sister, GL. Quick, easy and a little bit sinful … The diet that’s healthy and works!’ Elle
  • ‘A brilliant, no-panic party-dress diet.’ Zest
  • ‘Say goodbye GI and hello GL – the new, improved diet for savvy slimmers.’ Times
  • ‘Simpler than GI and makes better sense.’ Evening Standard