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Mamur Zapt - The Mamur Zapt and the Spoils of Egypt (Mamur Zapt, Book 6)

By Michael Pearce

Winner of the CWA Last Laugh Award, an irresistible historical mystery in which the Mamur Zapt investigates the illegal trade of antiquities in the Cairo of the 1900s.

Cairo, 1908. Captain Gareth Owen, the Mamur Zapt or head of Cairo’s Secret Police, turns his attention to the illegal trade of antiquities when Miss Skinner arrives. She’s a woman with the habit of asking awkward questions. But what is she doing looking for crocodiles? And mummified ones at that?

Owen’s new brief is to see that Egypt’s priceless treasures stay in Egypt. But when Miss Skinner narrowly escapes falling under a conveyance, Owen must labour to thwart killers and face an even graver problem: whether to ask the pasha’s lovely daughter to marry him….

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 07 Sep 2017
Pages: 194
ISBN: 978-0-00-825940-2
Price: £9.99 (Export Price) , £9.99, €None
Michael Pearce was raised in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, where his fascination for language began. He later trained as a Russian interpreter but moved away from languages to follow an academic career, first as a lecturer in English and the History of Ideas, and then as an administrator. Michael Pearce now lives in London and is best known as the author of the award-winning Mamur Zapt books.

”'Sheer fun” - The Times

”'Irresistible fun” - Time Out

”'The Mamur Zapt’s sly, irreverent humour continues to refresh the parts others seldom reach” - Observer

”Enjoyable … original and charming” - Independent