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The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual secrets every man should know

By Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava

Every man can have multiple orgasms – and can directly improve his lovemaking skills – just by learning some simple physical techniques.
This new edition of our Bestseller shows how…

All men can be multi-orgasmic – experiencing multiple sexual peaks. The Multi-Orgasmic Man is a now much loved and referred to classic in personal and sexual development.

Based on the Eastern Taoist principles of loving, the book is a revealing, practical – and highly readable guide.

The book explains a range of simple physical and psychological techniques that will allow that allow men of all ages to enlarge their range of sexual experience and become multi-orgasmic. The techniques will allow men to fulfill their own sexual desires, and their partner’s dreams and fantasies by dramatically improving the quality and quantity of their lovemaking.


Yin and Yang in sexuality – the special role of sexual energy.
• How to stoke up sexual energy to prolong and enhance pleasure.
• How to become multi-orgasmic.
• Sexual problems? How to solve them.
• Making love for a lifetime – special passion for mature lovers.
• Why multi-orgasmic sexuality will improve your overall physical and emotional fitness – as well as your sexuality.