The Open Table Participant?s Guide, Vol. 1: An Invitation to Know God

The Open Table Participant?s Guide, Vol. 1: An Invitation to Know God

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Thomas Nelson
A4 152x229mm
128 pages
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Book Overview

Something new, distinct, is happening around the compelling voice of Don Miller. And Don has a vision–it’s called The Open Table.The Open Table isa unique vision for a church-wide small group study–a 5-week course for adults, focused on discipleship.

The Open Table introduces believers and nonbelievers to the person and deity of Christ in a new and refreshing way.

There are many people who argue God doesn’t exist and many who argue God does. Still, millions know that, all arguments aside, what they feel in their souls is a need for God. To some, the idea of searching for God sounds as ridiculous as chasing a leprechaun to get his pot of gold. And yet few go looking for a leprechaun, while millions go on looking for God. At the heart of the Christian story—the story at the heart of The Open Table—is this basic idea: God shows up in the lives of people who search for Him.

The Open Table DVD uses state of the art video and the power of personal testimony to put God in front of anyone who has yet to meet Him. The Open Table Participant’s Guide is there for those whose interest is sparked and who want to dig deeper. In the unique and relevant voice of Don Miller, The Open Table introduces people to the person and deity of Christ, and everyone is invited to the table.