The PH Diet

The PH Diet

Suzanne Le Quesne

Bharti Vyas

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A4 153x234mm
240 pages
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Book Overview

All foods are either acid- or alkaline-forming and the body’s health and beauty is entirely affected by choosing the right balance.Too many acid-forming foods can lead to conditions such as low energy, lifeless skin and hair and brittle bones.This practical book provides a 3 stage plan, food lists and simple recipe ideas.

Each food we eat is either acid- or alkaline-forming due to how it is metabolised at cellular level. As our body is held within a particular alkaline range, alkaline-forming foods pose no problems to the body- but if we eat too many acid-forming foods, our body does not have the mechanisms to deal with them.

A diet too high in acid-forming foods, such as cheese, wheat, sugar, processed foods and meat, can result in a wide range of health problems, including low energy, weight gain, skin problems, dull hair and eyes, brittle bones and hormonal imbalances.
The plan has three stages:
1) concentrates on your drinking habits, getting you to drink water on the hour and replace coffee, tea, and fizzy drinks with healthier options, bit by bit.
2) helps you decrease the wheat and dairy in your diet, increasing vegetable content to replenish your mineral store and the calcium in your bones.
3) is the alkaline diet where you are introduced to more raw or less cooked veggies. At this stage you can reintroduce more fruit and fruit juice (which are acid forming)

The book contains a list of 80 alkaline forming foods to use and 20 of the better acid-forming foods and over 40 simple recipe ideas to reduce your toxic load.

About the author

Bharti Vyas is the UK’s leading beauty therapist with a popular London salon, beauty school and range of beauty products. She is beauty therapist to the stars and clients include Cherie Blair, Belinda Carlisle, Cher and Lady Helen Windsor. Her media profile is prominent and she has a column on GMTV’s website, as well as being a weekly columnist for the Express. She is a regular contributor to other media.Suzanne Le Quesne is a Clinical Nutritionist and runs Optimum Nutrition courses around the UK and the world. She trained at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, where she later became a tutor, and she continues to lecture on the subject at colleges throughout Europe. She is an accomplished public speaker and is frequently heard on local radio.