The Royal Baby He Must Claim / Return Of The Outback Billionaire

The Royal Baby He Must Claim / Return Of The Outback Billionaire

Jadesola James

Kelly Hunter

Pub date
Mills & Boon
A Format 107x170mm
384 pages
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Book Overview

A getaway to claim his family!

When a scandalous night results in a shock baby, Princess Kemi ends up wearing tycoon Luke’s ring! She fears she’s swapping one gilded cage for another as she struggles to break into his impenetrable heart. But will their Seychelles honeymoon set her free?

The billionaire’s back…with a startling proposal!

Seven years ago Judah Blake took the fall for a crime he didn’t commit to save Bridie Starr. Now his family’s land is in her hands—and to reclaim his slice of the Australian Outback he’ll claim her!

About the author

Kelly Hunter has always had a weakness for fairytales, fantasy worlds, and losing herself in a good book. She is married with two children, avoids cooking and cleaning, and despite the best efforts of her family, is no sports fan! Kelly is however, a keen gardener and has a fondness for roses. Kelly was born in Australia and has travelled extensively. Although she enjoys living and working in different parts of the world, she still calls Australia home.