The Silent and the Damned

The Silent and the Damned

Robert Wilson

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B Format 129x198mm
512 pages
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Book Overview

The powerful second psychological thriller featuring Javier Falcon, the complex detective from ‘The Blind Man of Seville’.

At seven years old, Mario Vega faces a terrible tragedy – his parents are dead in an apparent suicide pact.

But Inspector Javier Falcon has his doubts. In the brutal heat of a Seville summer, he dissects the disturbing life of the boy’s father, Rafael Vega. His investigation draws threats from the Russian mafia whose corruption reaches deep into the city. He questions a creative American couple with a destructive past and uncovers the misery of a famous actor whose only son is in prison for an appalling crime.

More suicides follow and one of them is a senior policeman. As a forest fire rages through the hills above the city Falcon must sweat out the truth that connects it all – and find the final secret in the dark heart of Vega’s life.

About the author

Robert Wilson was born in 1957. A graduate of Oxford University, he has worked in shipping and advertising in London and trading in West Africa. He is married and divides his time between England, Spain and Portugal


  • ‘First rate…Wilson at his best, a taut, gripping narrative and a sensitive study of the tormented detective.’ Sunday Telegraph
  • ‘Wilson’s plotting is intricate, his detective endearingly human, Seville a captivating venue. This is crime fiction of high order.’ The Times
  • ‘Its plotting is persuasive, its characterisation shrewd.’ Literary Review
  • ‘Wilson is a fine crime writer, and has created a character in the best traditions of Chandler.’ Irish Examiner