The Thief

The Thief

Megan Whalen Turner

Pub date
Collins Voyager
B Format 129x198mm
240 pages
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Book Overview

Newbery Medal winning fantasy, set in a world not unlike Ancient Greece, complete with interfering Gods and Goddesses.

The King’s magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure – Hamiathe’s Gift. To attain it, he needs a skillful thief and he selects Gen from the King’s prison. The magus is only interested in the thief’s abilities; what Gen is interested in is anyone’s guess.

A likeable rogue, Gen endures the difficult trek with much complaining and little grace, but shows his mettle when he steals the Gift twice and risks his life for his companions.

The Thief is an exciting and compelling ‘road-movie’ story, with a cracking twist at the end which surprises both the magus and Gen’s travelling companions – not to mention the reader!!

About the author

Megan Whalen Turner is married to a professor and often relocates when he needs to do research. When they travelled to Greece one summer, she decided to use its landscape as the background of a book, but didn’t write The Thief until she was spending a year in California, where the olive trees reminded her of the Greek mainland.


  • [Gen] is the freshest and funniest hero to tumble through a fantasy novel for many years.Independent on Sunday
  • “From the believable characters to the well-realized setting, this fantasy offers a refreshing change of pace for readers who enjoy adventure stories with a touch of magic. “Booklist
  • “This is an uplifting book, a literary journey that enriches both its characters and readers before it is over. “Kirkus Reviews
  • “A tantalizing, suspenseful, exceptionally clever novel … The author’s characterization of Gen is simply superb: she lets the reader know so much about him – his sense of humor, his egotism, his loyalty, his forthrightness, his tendency to sulk – and yet manages to hide the most essential information. Which is not to say that either Gen or Turner deceives the reader: both tell part of the truth at all times. And so, unlike many other novels of surprise, which don’t bear up to a second reading, Thief is even more fun to reread – you can see all the clues to Gen’s identity and mission, and delight in the author’s ingenuity.”Horn Book