The Titian Committee

The Titian Committee

Iain Pears

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B Format 129x198mm
256 pages
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Book Overview

Witty Italian art-history crime series featuring English dealer Jonathan Argyll, from the author of the best-selling literary masterpiece, ‘An Instance of the Fingerpost’.

Membership of the prestigious Titian Committee is normally considered a high honour. Normally, that is, until two of its members end up dead and someone seems to be taking the idea of backstabbing a little too far.

Flavia de Stefano of Rome’s Art Theft Squad is sent to find out why. She calls upon the help of dealer Jonathan Argyll, in Venice to buy a picture from the Marchesa di Mulino. But the sudden theft of the Marchesa’s collection sets Flavia and Jonathan on a tortuous trail to uncover the truth.

A further death threatens the very survival of the Committee itself, as well as offering the tantalizing possibility of an undiscovered Titian – a mysterious composition that may have been suppressed for ‘moral’ reasons….

About the author

Iain Pears won the Getty Scholarship to Yale University and worked for Reuters in Rome. He is the author of the bestseller ‘An Instance of the Fingerpost’. He lives with his wife and son in Oxford.


  • Praise for ‘The Titian Committee’:
  • ‘An elegant and amusing book, perfect for those who love a clever puzzle.’ Mail on Sunday
  • ‘The real work of art here is the plot, a piece of structural engineering any artist would envy.’ New York Times
  • Praise for the Jonathan Argyll series:
  • ‘Iain Pears has a superior line in this kind of tale…a divertingly complex, often comic, story in which the art motif is ingeniously central to the solution.’ Guardian
  • ‘Superior entertainment.’ Allan Massie, Scotsman
  • ‘There is nothing so satisfactory as the deconstruction of a puzzle in the hands of such an erudite and sure-footed author.’ The Times
  • ‘Pears is a delightful writer, with a light, ironic touch.’ Frances Fyfield, Mail on Sunday
  • ‘Iain Pears writes delightfully witty, elegant, well-informed crime novels.’ The Times
  • ‘You don’t have to know much about art to enjoy Iain Pears’s Italian mysteries. Like a good teacher, he shares his passion unobtrusively and flavours his lessons with wit.’ Val McDermid
  • ‘Pears is a delightful writer, with a light, ironic touch.’ Mail on Sunday