There’s a Ghost in this House

There’s a Ghost in this House

Oliver Jeffers

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44 pages
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Book Overview

A captivating new picture book with interactive transparent pages, from world-renowned artist Oliver Jeffers.

Hello, come in.
Maybe you can help me?

A young girl lives in a haunted house, but has never seen a ghost. Are they white with holes for eyes? Are they hard to see? She’d love to know! Step inside and turn the transparent pages to help her on an entertaining ghost hunt, from behind the sofa, right up to the attic. With lots of friendly ghost surprises and incredible mixed media illustrations, this unique and funny book will entertain young readers over and over again!

About the author

Oliver Jeffers graduated from The University of Ulster in 2001 with First Class honours. His outstanding talent has been recognised by several high-profile awards, including the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Gold Award. ‘Lost and Found’ animation was broadcast on Channel 4. Oliver lives and works in Brookyln, New York.


  • ‘Children will love the concept of being able to spot what the young girl can’t and Jeffers’ dryly funny visual jokes on the elusiveness of spirits finish with a cliffhang . . . Another absolute winner from this inventive author.’ Daily Mail
  • ‘A delightful interactive story for Halloween, long on spectres but short on scares . . . Hauntingly adorable’ Guardian
  • ‘the bestselling author pushes the boundaries of the picture book form . . . The giggling ghouls unseen by the girl may have little readers shouting “he’s behind you!” but there’s nothing panto-esque about this smart and inventive book.’ Guardian