This Is Why You’re Fat

This Is Why You’re Fat

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Harper Perennial
A4 152x152mm
144 pages
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Book Overview

A visual gallery of over the top “junk food porn” from the site that pulled in over ten million views in its first month.

Food was once the providence of celebrated chefs and critical connoisseurs. Cooking shows featured all gourmet creations and web sites displayed artfully photographed delights.

Then something changed.

Perhaps it was the desensitizing of web culture or perhaps it was a cry for help from the food-loving public. But by God—there came a day when fancy vegetable towers came crashing down and $50 mushrooms were no longer acceptable. Amason and Blakley wanted see the old stand-bys, the carnival foods of their childhoods, the sticky mess of a deep-fried candy bar, the indulgence of a greasy burger with all the fixins.

It was the birth of the nasty food web-trend. And it was delicious.

The website This Is Why You’re Fat is an ode to this trend—whether seen as a commentary on North American dietary habits or a celebration of the deliciously bad—and Amason and Blakeley are devoted to the worlds newfound obsession with over-the-top food. Within its first month the site pulled in over ten million eyeballs, and attracted major nation media including CNN. The world cooked, they listened.